Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was tossing the idea of drafting an autobiography of myself and my family. well, of course i do agree that i'm a nobody (at least for now, ha!), but i think recording what's happening right now, my plan for the future and my growing stories would be interesting for my descendants. (i hope...)

The idea first sprung up when i was asking my dad about my family tree. My dad was telling me interesting stories like this but nothing really concrete about the whole family thingy. I mean, he said "i think one of your ancestor was a government official during Ching Dynasty day" but no name was mentioned. Good thing is we still have record of our ancestors' home in Guangdong province, China. But, that is. nothing more, nothing less.

i went on google about my ancestors, my surname, the location of our ancestors' home in Guangdong but nothing really meaningful came up. Thus, i think, the Foo family deserves to know more about the legacy of Foo family members.

There's an episode in "The Simpson" season 21 where poor Lisa Simpson was looking up and down for her proud ancestor story (of course is for her aim to get a good grade in school project). interestingly (of course, it's a cartoon for crying out loud), the record of the Simpsons are widely available (a diary in their house's attic, public library, untold story from Grandpa...). She was told that one of her ancestor, Eliza Simpson once freed a black slave, and she's super proud of it, of course, The Simpson ain't a simple cartoon and you have to watch the episode to find out the turn of events.

My point is, History, though labeled as boring for some, but it's nonetheless an very important element in our life. There are lessons to be learnt, and there are moments to be proud of. It isn't the case where we can only learn from successful stories (like the autobiographies sold out there), but there are times where we can learn from small stories in our daily life.

Start collecting stories around you and who knows, one day, our story could be as famous as this bloke's.

Time to start drafting!


Jason said...

new blog uh~ good job!

Lindy said...

can't wait for the real gist man..let the creativity from within yourself flow freely :)

kahseong said...

Thanks ;) will try my best to write something meaningful :)

Jia-Ee, Ricky said...

Hey, all the best to your research... you may find out that we are 'really related' -- a few hundred years ago... haha... Check out the FOO family! =)

*Note to self: Find out from grandma where is our hometown in China....

**Kah Seong, are you a Hakka too?

kahseong said...

Hey Jia-Ee, yup, i'm hakka too!
my family home town is in 黄竹洋,广东梅县. Check it out! Maybe we're related!