Monday, October 27, 2008

GReeeeN - kiseki

Saturday, October 25, 2008





Thursday, October 23, 2008

new low

that's right. Hang Seng Index hit new low today.

13,760.49 pts. Down 3.55% on Oct 23rd.

oh well, life moves on. let's see how the Dow and S&P500 do tonight.

As we speak, FTSE100 rose by 0.03% while DAX fell by 0.56%... hm... seems like Uncle FEAR is dominating the market...

guess no one would dare to say (today) that "Hey! market has bottomed!"

Currently the Hang Seng Index is at 7.0 - 8.0x PE. some say it will bottom when it hit 5.0x PE. Hahaha... not funny. ;(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Cajon is an interesting music instrument.

According to wikipedia, it is a kind of box drum played by slapping the front face with the hands.

and the effect? excellent. Combining with a nice accoustic guitar, you can have a very nice and wonderful performance like this

and this

first saw this Cajon at the east exit of Shinjuku station, Japan, where a live band were performing using Cajon. Surprisingly though, it combines well with J-rock too.

gotta love this.

New MV: Jay Chou's 稻香

very good mv by jay chou. nice songs, soothing melody and meaningful lyrics.

great song for a bad times like now;)


Monday, October 20, 2008

Buy, I shall... or would I?

The day after September 15, 2008, people were asking

"how many more banks will fail after Lehman?"

then you have the fannie, freddie, AIG stories...

You see DJIA, S&P500 and hang seng index all breaking all-time by one...

"Hang Seng should be able to hold at 18,000pts. man, can't go lower than that lah!"

"...suppport, definitely a support level, 17,000pts, if it goes lower..."

"No way we can go below 16,000pts! no way!!!"


on 10 Oct, it reaches 14,398.54 pts. lowest point in about 3-years... out of a sudden, the word "Support Level" was like kinda disappear...

then, central banks around the world started to work OT over the weekends trying to save the global economy, then you heard news that democrats and republicans had agreed in principle to pass the US$700 bilion bill but then was later voted down and then they approved it again...

not long after, global central banks started pumping money into the system, but banks were still not lending, then you have news saying that Iceland's on the brink of bankruptcy, banks being nationalised, stocks tumbled ...

credit spreads continued to widen, trading parties' credits were, at one time, worse than the risky commodities they traded in...

then, over last few weeks, people started to believe in "Cash is King" and "Return OF capital is more important than return ON capital"... market liquidity dries up, stocks' valuations look tremedously cheap based on historical standards...

then, when you think this is the end of the world... people started asking..."is it time to buy?"

"are we there yet? i mean bottom lah!"

"buy buy buy! even uncle warren says buy..."

"nah, i rather keep my cash under my pillow, but, which currency should i hold ar?"

and it goes on and on. interestingly, this was the market over the last one month.

well, oh well.

So, just chill mate, just laugh your way through this. Don't give up as yet, as we still need you to make money when the bull markets come... keke

Last word-of-wisdom from Mr. Market

"you could never time the market, so don't bother bottom-picking"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



when we're younger. we used to play alot of football. Believe it or not, the team above, aka MCH United, has a really good track record.

1W 1D 0L.

Awesome. We won against the best football team in our school at that time (1997) "Team Bulan Sabit Merah" and we still brag about that till today ;) It was not fluke, we're darn good at that time. But of course, we have turned down every single one of their rematch request after that just to maintain our fantastic track record.

We used to have our own Jersey as well. But it was so small in size (was ok back then...dunno why it shrank over the years....) and so ugly, we only wore it for a couple of times. But it was cool.

oh ya, those jerseys was dark blue in colour, have a nice long sleeves and a crest on the chest.

We're young, but we're a bunch of kids with dreams and passion.

Captain Teddy once said "when i am rich, i want to build a stadium so that we can play football whenever we want"

"on top of that, i want to build a hospital and school too. Just to help those in need ;)"

Those were the days where you don't think forking out millions to build a stadium is impossible.
Those days, everything is possible.

even feel like we can conquer the world.

Today ...

miles apart i am from my mates. most of them are still sticking together in KL, some in SG and i am the lone ranger in HK.

this is the path i chose, so no regrets, but it would be fantastic if we still can meet up as often as before, to yumcha, to talk coc, and to drink Snow Flower Beer...

Paul came to HK twice this year. it's always nice to see old buddy in foreign place. Apparently ZC is coming sometime this year too. Excellent. Time to talk more coc.

Don't get me wrong, this is an exciting place, and i'm loving this place ;) On average, we have 1 visitors from Msia or Sng or Australia per month. so that's a very good statistics to be proud of.

Anyway, my friends. come visit us when you have time. It's always good to meet up, to chill and totalk coc. ;)

Being at where i am was like a dream comes true. I am at one of the most dynamic financial city in the world, but also.

The frontline of current credit crisis. Nice. I'm witnessing history.


Where will i be? Can i finally retire by 40?
Will i be able to own a cafe next to the beach, or a huge farm in Australia?

or will i be able to do what i always wanted to do?

only god knows. oh well, we'll know when the time comes.

Till then, live life like there's no tomorrow.