Tuesday, June 24, 2008

typhoon, yes? no?

Hong Kong Weather Observatory hoisted STRONG WIND SIGNAL No.3 today.

Typhoon Feng Sheng is fast approaching HKG and perhaps, maybe, by tonight midnight, Mr. Feng Sheng will have a direct hit on HKG before diverting its route to China then Taiwan.

the problem is that, in HKG, once its Typhoon no.8 or above, everyone, stay at home and no one goes out.

i.e. if it's no. 8 tomorrow. gosh. Don't have to come to work...

The thought of it is tempting...but come to think of it..

people's house's roof might get blown off by strong wind, people got no where to hide when window broken.... accidents, people stucked at somewhere and can't go home....

all the sufferings, and all i am thinking of is to have another couple hours of sleep?

gosh, Typhoon, Yes? No?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Great Stuff

Rain Rain Rain...

feeling sleepy again today, probably it's the weather.

Been raining for weeks here in Hong Kong. Once in a while HK Weather Observatory will issue a Amber Storm Warning. but to malaysia standard, this "storm" is no where near the daily "rain" we have...(the rain which caused the flood in Shah Alam probably will be classified as Black Storm here...)

anyway, the biggest difference is that i used to drive around, who give a dang about raining, office car park is covered, home is covered. safe and dry.

Over here, i walk to work and sometimes commute back. Rain, it's a killer.

i got myself about 30% wet today when i walked to work today in Amber Storm's rain. gosh. even my socks are wet... guess office gotta be stink for the whole day...