Thursday, May 26, 2011


Met some interesting people during my recent work trip to Shanghai.

One of them includes my hometown friends, whom are now working & living in Shanghai for about a year now. They are pursuing the China Dreams, and they are definitely happier and feel excited about the future vs. where they were before. It's always good to catch up and together we went to one of the nicest place in shanghai, where west meets east. It was a lovely place, and it makes me fond of Shanghai even more.

Met some local chinese guys too. They were like " it's interesting to see that China has developed alot in recent years, but the reality in China is 国富民穷, i.e. The Country is Rich, but the People is Poor."

Sounds like an oxymoron or counter-intuitive, but the reality is the taxes in China are hefty, thus most hard-earned cash made by the people are all being paid as taxes. Though the government uses them to build trains, bridges, top class roads etc, but in reality there's not much of money left in China's average joe's pocket. Which is their top concerns anyway.

That makes living extremely difficult.
One guy was saying that "I wish i could leave the country and live in somewhere else"

I said, "Well, the grass is always greener on the other side". He agreed.

He then said, "If you want to make money, you do that in China. If you want to have a better living, China is not quite the place to be at..."

When you put things into context, that kinda makes Malaysia a nice place to be at...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

你还记得 当年毕业典礼那一天

你开开心心 满怀希望及憧憬的那一天

那一天 天下不大 那一天 你觉得没有什么是不可能的

那一天 是你人生另一个里程碑的开始

若干年后 你可曾被现实打败?

你现在 可沉溺在生活的洪流当中?

当年的青春无悔 义无反顾可还在?


还是 你已忘了当初的一切?

或许一切已不再重要 或许一切仍未太迟


多年以后 还是你

就在前方 转左转右还是向前冲