Friday, October 30, 2009

life back at home

people always say that my gardening leave of 4 months is way too long.

why so? i asked. they would normally just say "i don't know, it just sound to long"

screw you. Like ZC rightly said so, if you can work like how i did for the past 2 years then you deserve this break. Darn right.

anyhow, long leave = no commitment to work = sleep in late and enjoy not doing anything but also = savings running low, then it will dries up sooner than you thought.

if you think landslide or tsunami is freaking fast and scary, wait till you see how fast my bank savings number drop. it's worse than the 32' Great Depression.

ok, so how's life back at home. in short. Great. as a matter of fact, i found back my life!

my phone hardly ring in a day when i was back in HK, now, it's functioning like how it used to be.

what else. not to mention those good food around and great lads to hang out with. nice.

'though it's only two years, but i see the vast changes in my mates. wow. finally boys have turned to men and all are buying / bought houses + cars + getting married. Nice.

and yeah. Entourage is freaking awesome. I know im late into the game, but it's never too late for any series ;)

2 years of lost time. that's the amount of time to be recovered by me. Hello Life ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bye Bye Hong Kong

2 years ago i wrote a similar entry on my other financial blog, the financialgeeks , marking the end of my old KL life and the beginning of a new phase of my life by moving to Hong Kong.

After 2 years of hard work in Hong Kong. I'm finally calling it a day and ready to move on;)

Good Bye Hong Kong. It was fun knowing you ;)

Till then, ciaos!