Sunday, February 17, 2008

On the weekend, my name is "宅男"

blame it on the weather.

blame it on the hassle of changing from my comfy 'pjyamas' to jeans and sport shoes...

blame it on the heavy weekdays that i have...

blame it on...nah, don't blame laziness, he has got nothing to do with this.

During the weekend, my name is "宅男"

well, popularised by taiwanese and japanese, the term 宅男 literally means a dude who likes to stay at home, doing nothing but indulging himself in the cyberworld, comics, manga, toys and.... those sort of stuff.

for the last two days, the first thing after i woke up was to switch on the TV, channel crawling on my limited-options pay-tv (because i don't want and i can't afford to pay for so many channels...although some dude did recommend me to add fashion tv. wonder why...) and then, slowly crawl out from my couch and turn on the laptop. hook on to internet, and wah lah.

gmail. login.
hotmail. checked.
facebook. no one bought me these days and yeah, i still kick arse in dopewars.
addictinggames. played those games before.
mousebreaker. played too.
msn. no one bother to chat... oh well. login off...

then will then hook up my wii.... but after one tennis game and a bowling game, my short attention span will then divert to the Simpsons Season 1-18 DVD pack...

and that was how my weekend ended.

note: i have taken out the fact that i HAVE to work on weekends, which is the only excuse to make me step out from my house during weekends... ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

1st blog of 2008

finally decided to shift fully from xanga to this blogspot of mine.

it has been 9 days since chinese new years, 4 days since i am back in hk, revert back to ab-normality of working life. HK hasn't changed much beside the fact that the weather has gone crazily cold here. thanks to la nina effect, apparently.

thought i will be flooded with work, despite having a serious "post-holiday-lag" syndrome.. but blessing in disguise, market has been crapping out, so these days been going home quite early (comparing to my 2007 standard)

met up with old buddies during CNY, which is always the most wonderful thing to do. it's a tradition that every year we will be having our hardcore annual "CNY marathon", i.e. party everyday till late and just sleep for 4-5 hrs before the hardcore events resume.. but guess we're getting old, alot of them chicken out these year, some with very very poor attendance record (including the organiser ah long himself). oh well, like what they all said, we have grown up, and guess in a year or two, the 'marathon' will become a short 10m sprint... haha

it's quite a remarkable CNY this year as i got to meet up with mr. Jay Chou and mr. Kenny Sia

Special thanks to mr. Pierre pang.
and on my flight back to hk, guess who's sharing the same flight as me?
Ipoh-born international first-chinese bond girl Dato' Michelle Yeoh!
two (some said three) celebrities in a CNY?! wow. you must be kidding me... but this is how my year of rat begins ;)
Gong xi Fa cai!