Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally ... it's Final.

Done. Letter handed in, and I'm (or will be, soooon) a free Man!

Bye bye Hong Kong. Hello Life ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My version of Holi-year

Who doesn't like travelling? i mean if you have enough $$$ and time permits, bet alot of us would like to hop on a plane / bus / train or a sampan to wherever you want to be straight away.

Wouldn't it be nice to be like a nomad, you know, travelling around freely across the grassland... or maybe like a ryonin back in Ancient Japan days, wandering across the whole country with a samurai sword...

been following Ringo's blog for a while. Not long ago, she has this piece of blog, titled "My Holiyear 2009", where basically she has been travelling (for work / leisure) abroad every single month so far in 2009. I know a lot of people will be admiring that, but then, as a matter of fact, it's rather tiring...

Anyhow, after went back to Malaysia to attend the wedding of the century in Malacca, in September / October, i will be having a mini-version of "Holi-year" of my own. Haha...

here it goes:

1) Within Hong Kong
2) Southern China - Shenzen most likely
3) Singapore! F1!
4) Osaka - Kyoto...maybe.

Will see ;) But one thing for sure is that after all these, i will be super broke.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First 红馆 Experience

It has been almost 2 years in Hong Kong.

Finally, i get a chance to go to 红馆 for a concert.

Yup, I'm going for this

Ok. i know. it's more like a talk show rather than a concert, but what the heck. There's no way that i am going to miss this.

Jan Lamb 林海峰 is a popular DJ / Singer / Director in Hong Kong, especially well-known for his singing days during "SoftHard" time and starred in the whole series of McDonald's Ads.

Jan Lamb's talk show will be held at Hong Kong Coliseum from Sept 17 - 21 this year. If you have an AIG credit card then you can dial the number printed in the poster for early bird ticketing booking.

The 2009 talk show 《林海峰是但噏我願意》 is part 4 of the 是但噏 talk show series, after the successful inaugural 《林海峰是但噏發花癲》 in 2005, 《林海峰是但噏踎低噴飯》 in 2006 and 《林海峰是但噏求其大合唱Part 1、2》 in 2008.

Here are some warm-up clips for the big day.

林海峰 是但噏 我願意 - 婚禮進行曲片段 Part 1

林海峰 是但噏 我願意 - 婚禮進行曲片段 Part 2

see you there!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


it was another monday, but this monday has a bigger monday blue than usual.

Because it's the first working day after my one-week long holiday cum the day after i regained soberness from attending the super great wedding over the weekend. The break was so great and it's so hard to drag myself back to reality.

then. something dramatic happened. Which, i will tell again at later date. basically, i have just broke away from the prison (well, literally not yet...but almost) by saying these lovely words

feel so good right now. Free like a bird.

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

a fresh new start...

Listening to Janice's new album "Morning" right now, before the start of my lazy afternoon.
Janice is not a stranger to most of us, yet, the release of her first English Album does give me the feeling of "a fresh new start". Maybe for the past 1 year or so, whenever you mentioned Janice, it's always about her twin sister Gill, or about Janice's fallout with her manager Leon, or about her putting on more weights etc...

Hardly anything about music.

Guess if you put everything aside, just sit back and purely indulging yourself in her voice, you will find that, it doesn't really matter afterall.

Afterall, she has a good voice. Another nice soothing voice, just like Dessert here.

A fresh new start, for Janice, and for me, to get back to work after having a heavy lunch...

Bon appetite.