Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First 红馆 Experience

It has been almost 2 years in Hong Kong.

Finally, i get a chance to go to 红馆 for a concert.

Yup, I'm going for this

Ok. i know. it's more like a talk show rather than a concert, but what the heck. There's no way that i am going to miss this.

Jan Lamb 林海峰 is a popular DJ / Singer / Director in Hong Kong, especially well-known for his singing days during "SoftHard" time and starred in the whole series of McDonald's Ads.

Jan Lamb's talk show will be held at Hong Kong Coliseum from Sept 17 - 21 this year. If you have an AIG credit card then you can dial the number printed in the poster for early bird ticketing booking.

The 2009 talk show 《林海峰是但噏我願意》 is part 4 of the 是但噏 talk show series, after the successful inaugural 《林海峰是但噏發花癲》 in 2005, 《林海峰是但噏踎低噴飯》 in 2006 and 《林海峰是但噏求其大合唱Part 1、2》 in 2008.

Here are some warm-up clips for the big day.

林海峰 是但噏 我願意 - 婚禮進行曲片段 Part 1

林海峰 是但噏 我願意 - 婚禮進行曲片段 Part 2

see you there!

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