Tuesday, July 07, 2009

a fresh new start...

Listening to Janice's new album "Morning" right now, before the start of my lazy afternoon.
Janice is not a stranger to most of us, yet, the release of her first English Album does give me the feeling of "a fresh new start". Maybe for the past 1 year or so, whenever you mentioned Janice, it's always about her twin sister Gill, or about Janice's fallout with her manager Leon, or about her putting on more weights etc...

Hardly anything about music.

Guess if you put everything aside, just sit back and purely indulging yourself in her voice, you will find that, it doesn't really matter afterall.

Afterall, she has a good voice. Another nice soothing voice, just like Dessert here.

A fresh new start, for Janice, and for me, to get back to work after having a heavy lunch...

Bon appetite.

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