Saturday, June 27, 2009

There's this singer called 張懸...

i normally go to bed rather early during normal weekdays, partly i get tired easily after a whole day of hard work, and partly, your whole body+mind will feel so darn screwed the next day if you don't get enough sleep ... signs of aging i guess...

But usually it is a total different story on Friday and Saturday night. In fact, Friday night is my favourite session in the entire week. I just like the feeling of, "ah, weekend is finally coming and i can sleep in tomorrow morning..." Schweet. 

anyway, it's almost 4a.m. right now, so effectively it's no longer Friday night anymore. i have spent them away by watching numerous shows + clips on youtube the whole night. Not totally wasted though, as i stumbled upon this taiwanese singer, whom i think it's worthwhile to recommend to everyone who reads my blog here.

her name is 張懸, Deserts.

Here is one of her most popular song, "Baby"

and another one "Like"

She is one of the most popular Live House singer in Taipei right now, and she's popular for her lazy voice and the very soothing + non-commercialised songs of hers.

i hereby recommends these two songs to you, on this beautiful Saturday early morning...

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