Thursday, September 09, 2010

Travelling Madness Continues...

Don't get me wrong here. I love my job. After years of working i can finally say this loud and proud.

The hostage incident in Manila was a madness. The bus was literally not more than 50 steps away from my hotel... nonetheless, the delicious pork and mangoes in Philippines totally compensated us for the traumatic events.

Then i thought perhaps it's time to chill for a bit after Manila. Nope, Bangkok i went. It was a very good trip though, compact and impactful i would say. Then boss told me this

"Dude, we're going to Beijing next week."

What? Cool! but i will be going to Singapore that weekend itself!

So it's a whole week of travelling? i think by then i wouldn't have recognised the route back to my office anymore!

I'm always very excited about going to Beijing. Been there once for holiday and totally in love with the city (not the air, not the traffic though). Especially after 2008 olympics, the city is now much cleaner and neater i would say.

Then, something unexpected popped up.

Totally unexpected. I fell sick. High fever.

What's the odd! oh well, gotta forego the beijing trip. That's the downside. Upside is? Got a bit of time to rest before travelling madness resumes, and found abit of time, to write this blog entry.

Thank you for reading another gibberish blog entry of mine.



Sean Choo 曹藝騰 said...
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Sean Choo 曹藝騰 said...

Take Care Bro