Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mixed Rice, or some called it Economical Rice

Not long ago, Mixed Rice, or more commonly referred to as Chap Fan in Malaysia was my staple meal for lunch. Especially during those college days where budget is always a constraint. (Note the usage of "is" in the previous sentence, as budget constraint remains a problem till nowadays :( )

Then as you grew older, and people starting to learn how to enjoy life, we will switch to lunch at air-conditioned venues with better quality food. In turns, your cost-for-lunch increases tremendously with the increasing level of comfort.

Gotta blame it on inflation that food prices are more expensive these days. Well, will not go into that topic any further as it will involve at least 2,000,000+ blog entries in arguing which economic policy works best for the country. Chap Fan, used to cost about RM2.00 - 3.00 (with fried chicken drumsticks somemore) to a minimum of RM3.50 in today's economy. Guess the high selling price forced the Chap Fan sellers to re-named their business from "economical rice" to "mixed rice", simply because, it's not economical anymore.

Nonetheless, it is still one of the few most affordable lunch options available. If you want to go cheaper than Chap Fan, guess you either have to starve or to rely / hope for free lunch.

Anyway, this is like KL Tower-style blog entry. Super fat layer on the intro, and broom stick skinny content to follow. Sometimes we like to take things for granted, and if it's not "the time of the month" again (p.s. not PMS if you're thinking down that route. No!), i.e. the days between "Pay Day" and "I have used up my savings and i have sheeeet-loads of credit card debt day", we wouldn't have thought of our beloved Chap Fan, as opposed to air-conditioned overpriced outlets like PapaRich, Oldtown, KFC, McD etc etc...

Though it's not as comfortable vs. the abovementioned outlets, but when you get to eat a cheap yet nice meal for lunch, you just feel so good about yourself. One dollar saved is one dollar earned after all.

Maybe, in order to feel rich going forward, perhaps, we need to eat chap fan for lunch on a daily basis from now on... Maybe.

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