Wednesday, August 04, 2010

This is a story about ...

I was reading blogs online and i found this interesting entry by Paul. (well, not as entertaining as Joe's one since he's suffering in Pakistan right now...). Anyway, back to Paul's.

Written in Chinese, Paul mentioned about how his ancestor had to evacuate China and come all the way to Malaysia in the early days. Interestingly, apparently, his ancestor is a kung fu master. He was oppressed by some rich government officials and he accidentally hurt them. So he has to flee to save his life.

This story reminded me of the story my dad used to tell me. I think it would interesting for me to share this little history of my family on my blog here.

Once, i asked my dad, "Dad, can you tell me more about our ancestor? Any great war time hero story?"

Dad said,"well, let's see. During Ching dynasty, there were a few of our ancestors working as government official in Fujian province. We're not very rich, but decently well-known family there."

"Apparently one day, one of our ancestor had a quarrel with somebody. Then they fought. In the end he won, but he thought he accidentally killed him (he did not actually)"

"So the whole family fled Fujian, and traveled west to Guang Dong province."

"They walked for days, carrying all their luggages on their shoulders by bamboo sticks. They have no idea where to go, just hoped that they could travel far enough not to be caught by the police"

"One fine day, when they were still on the road, out of a sudden, one of the bamboo stick snapped and broken into half."

"So they stopped, and they looked around and found that, hey, this place ain't too shabby"

"Let's settle down here."

and the place is called Yellow Bamboo Yang, Mei Xian, Guang Dong (黄竹洋,广东梅县)

Looking at google map, think they had traveled over 500 kilometres before the bamboo stick snapped. Wonder how long did they take actually...

Though he does not sound like a kung fu master, but then, at least my ancestor was not on the losing end of a fight :)

and this is a small unrecorded history of my ancestors.

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