Monday, November 02, 2009

Morning Jog

Woke up at 5 a.m. plus today. Mum dragged me out of bed to accompany her and dad for their daily morning walk / jog.

Since retirement, my dad and mum have been religiously jog around our neighbourhood every morning (even if they are down in KL) in order to keep fit. My dad always say to me "boy, you better join us, else i will be slimmer and better looking that you". man, that's pressurizing.

Imagine when you go out with your dad, and people thought he's your brother. Younger one somemore. Die.

Back to the early morning torture. Mum was saying it's good for me to join them since i have nothing better to do (like sleeping till noon is not a "better" thing to do).

On the day itself, my alarm went off at 5am, and it just went off without me noticing it. It's 5am for god sake. i used to sleep at 5am during my summer break back in school, and now you're asking me to wake up at 5am.

The only time during the last two years when i was awake at 5am was back in Hong Kong, in my office, working my a$$ off for almost 20hrs in a row.

And the last time i jogged at 5am (yes, i did it before), it was back in form 5 when i was preparing for my SPM. I woke up at 3am to study but couldn't concentrate, so i went to jog at 5am, but it didn't last long as the dogs in the neighbourhood weren't too friendly to me.

So, i woke up, put on my gear, and walked out with my mum. Gosh. it's pitch dark alright. But it's super cooling and nice. Never really thought malaysia has such nice fresh air.

To much of my surprise, this morning walk thingy is super huge in my neighbourhood. Basically all the aunties and uncles in the neighbourhood were out on the street. Some were leisurely strolling, some were busy chatting, some jogged at a pretty fast pace (like they are training for marathon or something).

I was like the only young bloke there. The youngest, in fact. Everytime we bumped into another aunties/uncles, they always say "oh, your son?" "look like his dad!" "So tall!"

I have lost count how many times i heard those lines in the morning. Guess that's the standard opening line ("SOL") for Aunty-Uncle-Conversation ("AUC"). (other SOL for AUC are like "have you eaten?" "nice weather!" etc etc)

Our "jog" lasted for about 30mins, before it rained heavily. Without any raincoat or umbrella with us, we have to let it stopped there. Mum and Dad's normal routine walk could last up to 1-2 hours. Pretty hardcore stuff it is.

When i reached home, i bumped into dad with his A-team (Mum belongs to B-team, aka the slower team and the team which do lesser laps). My dad and his "teammates" all had an umbrella with them, and they kept marching on.

Mum said "nothing can stop the A-team from doing their daily routine!"

When i grow up, i want to join the A-team too. Haha. But before that, let's hit the sack. :)

It was a beautiful morning though. Nice walk


祖传 said...

then you sleep @ 3am to finish this blog the day after?! hah

kahseong said...

something like that. I still sleep late, but wake up early just for the morning walk... haha tough life...*yawn*