Friday, November 27, 2009

The End and The Beginning

In another week time, i can officially say Bye bye to my good old wild boyhood days, and say hello to manhood.

(well, not like i wasn't a Man before...just that now im least in the eye of the elders...well, whatever, you get the point)

First of all, sorry to you all ladies out there. Im no longer LEGALLY available. (read between the lines please...)

Second of all, sorry to all outstationers who has to take an extra day-off on monday just to get to our dinner... Very much appreciated. Hope that you guys will have loads of fun next Sunday. Also, beside providing a fantastic venue for the party, loads of booze will be served too, so make sure you guys are all drunk!

Thirdly, sorry to those who can't get to sit with whoever they like or those who will be going to sit with whoever they don't like. Sorry mate, allocation problem / mistake so nothing can be done, just bear with it! (or you can increase the ang pau money to $X,xxx,xxx.xx, then can even consider putting you up on VIP table)

It has been a super hectic month in preparation, so not going to write a long one now. Remember, if you love me as much as i love you, remember to give me a nice and big angpau yeah?

Ciao! See you at the party!

er...something like this... i think.


Jia-Ee, Ricky said...

Hey bro, congrats! Sorry that I can't be there... but wishing you all the best in your new phase of life... I'll be joining you soon too - June 12, 2010. =)

Just proposed yesterday. Hope you can join me - in Singapore on that day!

kahseong said...

congrats mate! no worries, this has been a busy month for alot of people! will be glad to be there in singapore! let me know then! ciao