Saturday, November 07, 2009

Approximately 2 weeks after i came back to Malaysia, i got myself a blackberry bold 9000.

If you have been following my blog, you would know how much the blackberry had tortured me when i was at my previous job.

But then i realised, despite being bugged 24/7 by job-related matters, blackberry can be real fun too. The best thing is that you can surf the web, check your emails and hook yourself up to facebook, twitter, msn, google chat etc etc 24/7. i.e. stay connected to the cyberworld, for leisure and for work.

i found it particularly useful because i can check my stock movements via blackberry since i have no bloomberg access anymore these days, and not to mention how useful and wonderful the blackberry messenger can be.

Similar to others, before i got myself a blackberry, i was struggled to choose between the blackberry or the iphone. Millions of people are debating everyday on which one is better (like xiaxue and kyspeaks from the blackberry camp, Timothy from the iphone camp...) but i chose the blackie (a.k.a blackberry) in the end because i have this "special connection" with blackberry. Well, i like the QWERTY keyboard and the professional looks of it.

It's inevitable that you can't hide away from staying in connection with the world constantly to keep yourself abreast of the fast-moving world. The era of Web 2.0 does make wonders.

Read a recent entry by Sheylara (which is essentially from Davienne...) on how social media helped her to find her missing dog and the interesting part two here. It's quite interesting to see how the world has become. Interesting.

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