Friday, July 23, 2010

My Blog

I have been writing blog for like... 5-6 years now. It was at Xanga at first, then i migrated to blogspot, and it stays till now.

The problem with me, or blogging in general, is, it's very hard to be disciplined enough to keep the writing going. After a while when you realized that no one actually read your blogs, you discouraged and not really motivated to blog so often anymore.

Secondly, when you blog too often, the contents get kinda cheesy, too lame or too commercialized.

Until recently, someone whom i got to know for not longer than half a year told me that she finds my blog interesting. I was like "you are referring to my twitter right?" (as a matter of fact, a no more than 160 words micro-blogging tool is naturally more appealing to a lazy dude like me...) and she goes "no, i mean your blog. It's good!"

and that's the main reason why you see this entry here today. It's just an appreciation to everyone of you who have been reading my lousy blog entries all these years and particularly this lame entry itself.

Nonetheless, if possible, you should be able to see more entries going forward...

i think.


祖传 said...

Dude, keep it up for whatever reasons and from cheesy / lame it will become something, after it withstand the test of time. =)

keep it up.

Inception said...
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Sean Choo 曹藝騰 said...

I got your blog in my google reader long time ago. Joe one as well. Well, you two are doing great job. Seriously, I enjoy reading it.

Bro, please keep it up. It shouldn't have any stress when blogging. Just share with us your thought! I will support you by giving more comments. =)

ps: deleted the previous comment cos i just realized my name was "inception" lol

Jia-Ee, Ricky said...

Hey, I'm also reading your blog through Google reader... so, keep up the good work! =)

6 @ SG

kahseong said...

thanks guys :) will thrive to write more!