Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Imagine, if there is a regulation in the country requires every single offspring of a politician to be educated in our country only. I.e., the children of all politicians in the country are required, by law, to go to a Malaysian school for their primary till tertiary education, I think, that will solve a lot of the problem that we are facing right now.

First of all, the quality of our public education will have to improve. I mean, I don't think they will want their children to be less competitive right?

Secondly, there will be less likely for them to park their money overseas as there's no "incentive" to buy fancy houses and cars in London nor Australia anymore.

That, in turn, will help to reduce corruption (if there's any that is), and will induce and encourage them to spend within the country. I mean, of course, undoubtedly corruption is bad, but even worst is if they corrupt and the wealth of the nation got channeled out of the country. That's sad.

So, better local education system and standard will raise the Malaysian's quality of life, lesser corruption and better economy as more money being spent domestically, wouldn't it be great for all?

Maybe should employ someone to do the inception on them... Hm...

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