Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Restecp (Respect it is... if you haven't noticed)

R.E.S.T.E.C.P. Restecp(a), once-popular-now-kinda-outdated word used in the Ali G movie, which was actually stands for respect but Mr. G there was retardedly got the spelling wrong...

anyway, this is not an entry dedicated to the Mr. G, but it is a short tribute to

1) Mr. Liu Xiang

carrying the hopes of 1.3 billion Chinese + plus a few hundred million more from other part of the world, we know that you have tried your very best, even just to step out to the track field in Birdnest.

Even though it's a pity that it has to end this way, yet, we know that this is not the end.

So, take care, and come back stronger and faster!

2) Mr. Lee Chong Wei

Though it would be great if you can win the first gold medal for Malaysia, making us feel good and proud to be a Malaysian.

Though it might be really really good that for once Malaysian can shout across the strait and say "hey, you guys only got a silver but we've got a Gold!" and have a good laugh about it...

Though it might just be a wishful thinking, but guess most Malaysians would actually hope that we can win a gold medal to re-unite the nation again. irregardless of race, religion and background, we all can celebrate together as a nation, like what we have done back in 1992 after we lifted the Thomas Cup...

But we know that it's not easy to play against, let alone beat Lin Dan, in front of a chinese-packed stadium in China. We know that it is hard, both mentally and physically, but that's why it's worthwhile to fight hard for it.

Do not give up, fellow sportsmen and women of Malaysia, as we Malaysian has never ever gave up hope on you guys to make us, and the nation, proud again.

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