Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something Bigger

We always wanted to achieve something bigger in life. Let the motivation be wealthier, gain better status, recognition and fame, or pure desire to have a better quality of life. We always have the desire to be someone or achieve something bigger.

We are all dreamers, especially when we were younger. Though the courage to dream fades exponentially as we grew older, we are all dreamers, at least at one stage of our lives.

Throughout the years in seeking for the answers on what it takes to bring me to another level, it came to my realization that in order to achieve something bigger, one should understand the real meaning of life.

You see, you can say I want to be a ceo. Great vision indeed. But you must be able to answer, what is the point of doing so?

Why do you want to be a ceo? Is it driven by the desire for Power? Money? Status? Or all of the above?

Well, these are all valid reasons and it shall not be judged whether they are right or wrong, because these are all bits and pieces of life which has driven human being in our route to success for years.

In my humble opinion, perhaps we should ask ourselves, what difference would I make, if I haven't done the thing which I want to achieve.

I always believe that "Things happen for a reason", and without knowing what's the reason that drives you, you will not go very far.

That's another philosophical entry of the year...


祖传 said...

We might spent long enough in circle or comfy zone only realize the way to live our own life is when we still have a dream, and we have put in effort to work on it.

Of course there are different ways to live the dream at different stages of life. Focus change and priority swift.

Yet, having dream and live it, is actually the only thing that never change. It may not be big or grand anymore, but they are more relevant and meaningful to us now.

kahseong said...

As you grow older, as the responsibility gets bigger, that's when you become clearer :) i hope!