Wednesday, September 07, 2011


When i was in University about a decade ago, a foreigner asked which country do i come from.

I said, "Malaysia".

He was like, "Sorry?"

It was quite an usual response, thus I quickly added on, "Do you know Thailand? Singapore? Yeah, we are the country in between these two countries."

That was early 2000. 

In 1999, my ex-housemate's Italian friend came over for holiday. We brought her out for a visit around town. She was very amazed at KLCC Twin Towers (and KLIA) and kept on praising how great Malaysia is.

We were in awed. To us, Twin Towers sounded like a total waste of money, but then, without a doubt, it did become a key landmark for Malaysia, and enable us to stamp our footprint in the global stage.

Maybe we do have vision 2020 after all.

There was time when it's hard to illustrate where Malaysia is, and there was time where we don't even feel good about ourselves when we were in overseas.

More so when it comes to sport.

There is without a doubt that Malaysians love English Premier League more than our local football league. After all, it is undoubtedly the most entertaining & exciting football league in the world. 

It is a dream for a lot of Malaysians to watch an English Premier League (EPL) game live at the stadium, especially for the Big 4 teams. For most people, to experience the atmosphere, the passions and the excitement at the stadium is a once in a lifetime experience.

Yet, it is not easy for most of us to do so. 

Until lately, we started to believe that English Premier League is not that far from us, anymore.

Our most prolific entrepreneur, Tony Fernandes, bought over London's EPL club Queens Park Rangers.

With his success in making AirAsia the biggest no-frill airlines, most people do believe that Tony Fernandes will bring EPL closer to most of us.

But that's not all. There's more.

Heard of Mister Potato? Mister Potato is now the Global Snack Partner of Manchester United Football Club. Not bad for a Malaysian brand.

That's right, Manchester United, the legendary football club in EPL which has recently been crowned as the the EPL Champion for the record-breaking 19th time.

Going to watch an EPL game live is no longer a dream. With the launch of "The Ultimate Man Utd Experience" Campaign, the winner of this campaign will stand a chance to watch an EPL game live at Old Trafford, Manchester, with total VIP treatment! Also, there will be stadium & museum tour added on to the package too.

Now the opportunity is here, and it is only up to you whether you want to grab it.

It is all about B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

and there is only one United.

See you at the top!

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