Saturday, August 22, 2009

Passion for Tees

I always dream to have my own tees shop.

Why T-shirts? Well, not only it's comfy, but it's also a platform to express your opinions, voices and to display your art work.

A communication tool indeed.

Why so? if i designed a tee, saying "Make Love Not War" and you buy it and wear it. It means that you agree that "Make Love Not War" is the way to go, and that's your "voice" as well, right?

picture from shirtcity

Recently i have found this interesting Tee Shop in Japan called Graniph.

Their business model is very interesting. Graniph collects designs from designers located all around the world and they print the chosen designs on tees for sale. 

This is exactly what i have in mind all these while. This is very similar to the project that i have been working on for the past 3 years or so ...

If you have a passion in t-shirt designs, or in this business. Drop me a msg 
Let's talk business!

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