Monday, November 10, 2008

signing off...

November 10, 9.48am

Got a bloomberg chat message from one of my closest chat buddy during work time.

he told me, he got axed.

he's signing off, once again, from bloomberg (without a job = without bloomberg access, unless you can afford to pay for the terminal service yourself...)

looking through my speed dial book, alot of my mates are "unavailable" most of the time.

Today, i am adding another guy on that list.

Probably the most severe financial crisis of the century, i must agree. the worst is, this is not the end yet (or anywhere near it...)

signing off... gosh... this space is getting lonelier and lonelier as days gone by...


Bee said...

Don't worry mate, life means alot more than financial tsunami. Cheer up!

kahseong said...

thanks Bee.
yup, life goes on. and on. and on. hehe with or without tsunami!