Sunday, April 16, 2006

When it comes to creativity

Blogging is nothing new, nor it is something extraordinary. Yet, the impact it is making to this world is fabulous.

That leads to the talk of "globalisation".

The world hasn't changed its size, yet what we observe is that the distance between you and me, has become shorter. No matter where you are, as long as there's phone line and internet access, we are not that far apart after all.

"globalisation" makes things easier, it also leads to the disruption of the natural law of economics. there used to be an era when things got expensive, demands will fall and thus price will fall. Yet, in today's context, this seems to be abit obsolete. The emergence of the oriental dragon and the south asian mammoth have created a world with new economic rules. What suppose to be going up continue to stay low, and what suppose to be coming down, continue to be up and rising. What has gone wrong?

This should be exciting because this is a brand new era that we're observing. 200 years down the road, our great great grand children will be referring to this era as the "globalizing era" or perhaps some other more fascinating terms. This is similar to the time when the europeans learnt about sailing and start doing world trades. Now, we're doing world manufacturing, world marketing and of course, a global trades.

so, what happen when it comes to creativity? In today's context, it's hard to survive if we still follow the traditional way in doing things. Why would you be writing articles for local newspaper by paying 30cents postage fees while you can choose to post a blog on line / write an article for online magazine for zero costs and with unlimited exposure? now even you and i can be a columnist on line, even you and i and do business with merely zero cost by starting a e-business. Therefore with abit of creativity, we can spot the next opportunity in this ever-changing world and make a fortune out of it.

we're observing the globalizing trend in the world that we're living in today, yet the fortunate thing is that it has just begun and might take a century or more to complete the progress. The utopia of globalization is when we're only using one currency in trading, where the oriental dragon is the only one manufacturing, the south asian mammoth is answering all your phone enquiries, the pisa leaning tower and eiffels are making the food for the world & etc etc. so before everything converges, there arises the opportunity for us to exploit the arbitrage. This mean that you can do something with lower price, and sell it to other continents at a higher price, thus, reap the margins and help globalizing.

when it comes to creativity, it is time for us to spot what our competitive edge is, and be able to fully utilise it, before the G-Day arrived.

Happy reading and will be back for more.

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